Youth Red Cross unit, Devanga Arts College, Aruppukottai is successfully functioning under the guidance and supervision of Dr.B.Ravikumar, Principal. First and second year undergraduate interested students are the members of the Youth Red Cross unit. Dr.N.Muthu, Assistant professor of Economics is serving as Programme officer of the unit and Mr. R.Ganesan is serving as co-ordinator. Youth Red Crosscomes under part –V in Choice Based Credit System, having 1credit. It has one theory paper in IVsemester of summative examinations, having maximum marks of 100. 50 marks are for internal assessment (Participation in Camps, Manual works, Organisational works, Competitions and Cultural Programmes) and remaining 50 marks are for external examination. The students have to secure minimum of 40 % of total marks to pass the subject. There are no minimum marks for internal assessment. Mottos   of the Youth Red Cross unit

The Youth Red Cross unit of our college has following mottos:

  1. To care for own health and that of others
  2. To inculcate ideas of peace and practice of service
  3. To cultivate sprit of friendliness and help towards children and all over the world

Principles of Youth Red Cross unit

There are three fundamental principles for Youth Red Cross unit

  1. Promotion of health
  2. Services to others
  3. Fostering friendship

Activities of Youth Red Cross unit

The activities of Youth Red Cross unit are based on its principles of Health, Service and Friendship. The movement is specially promoted for inculcating the idea of peace, service and caring for the own health and the health of others. The movement leads to developing in the young generation the acceptance of civic and human responsibility and the spirit of friendliness towards all other children irrespective of nationality, religion, or caste.

I.Campus activities

  1. To conduct the blood donation camps
  2. To organize health awareness programme
  3. To organize medical checkup programmes
  4. To organize disaster management training programmes
  5. To conduct Environmental awareness programmes
  6. To conduct sports meet and cultural programmes
  7. To clean and decorate the college premises
  8. To provide clean drinking water to students
  9. To plant trees and take their proper care
  10. Observation of important days of Red Cross Movement

II.Outreach Programmes

  1. Old age home visit
  2. Orphanage school visit
  3. Blood bank visit
  4. To undertake help for needy people in the natural calamities
  5. Voluntary service during disasters
  6. To participate in awareness programmes and in sports meet