Autonomous status since 2007.CBCS mode since 2008.
Objectives of Choice Based Credit System

CBCS System allows students to
Learn at their own pace
Choose electives from a wide range of elective courses.
Undergo additional courses and acquire more than the required number of credits.
Adopt an inter-disciplinary approach in learning.
Make the best use of the expertise of available faculty

Curricular Programme
  • The curricular programme for the undergraduate courses will be evolved by each department.
    Under Part IV there shall be courses in Value Education, Human Rights, Environmental Studies, General Knowledge and Career Guidance.
  • The college shall make provision for conducting as many job – oriented courses and certificate courses as possible. These courses shall be conducted after the class hours.
    Co-Curricular Programme:
  • Every Student should have 75% attendance in each semester in anyone of the Co-curricular activities (N.C.C, N.S.S.,YRC and Physical Education) choosen by him/her so as to become eligible to appear for the terminal exams.
Proposed common structure for the UG programmes Under CBCS to be implemented

During the academic year 2008-2009 UG Programmes


S.No Study Components No. of Courses Credit per Courses Total Credits
1 Part I
Tamil Language Courses
4 3 12
2 Part II
English Language Courses
4 3 12
 Total 24
Part III – Major & Allied
1 Core Courses including Practicals 13-15 4-5 60
2 Core Electives 4 3-4 15
3 2 Allied 5 3-4 20
 Total 95
 Part IV – Non-Major Courses
 1 Core Electives  1  2  02
 2 Environmental Studies  1  2  02
 3 Skill Based Elective Courses  6  2  12
 4 Other Non-Major Elective Courses  2  2  04
Total  20
Part V
1 Extension Activities —- 1 01
Grand Total 140
Proposed common structure for the PG Programmes under CBCS to be implemented during the academic year 2008-2009 – PG Programmes (2 Years)
S.No Study Components No. of Courses Credit per Courses Total Credits
1 Core Courses (including Practicals, Projects etc.)
14-17 4-5 70
2 Elective Courses including internship
4-5 4-6 20
Total 90